Is run by ParMan Enterprises LLC. We’re based in sunny Florida on Miami Beach. We have been working with e-trade for more then 10 years. Our aim is to help you, the consumer to minimize the unnecessary price differences between different markets. Before we moved here from Sweden in 2000, we used to come to the US all the time because of the shopping, the movies and all the great TV. The weather and the lifestyle was just a bonus. Now with the help of the Internet, we can help making all that fabulous shopping available to you, wherever you live in the world. Check out our Virtual Mall USA and get a few ideas as to what you can buy cheaply in the USA. All it takes is a Credit Card or a PayPal account, and you’re ready to go shopping in the worlds largest shopping mall! We hope to see you shopping with us soon!

Pär Wännman

ParMan Enterprises LLC